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: Choosing fly rod for steelhead

05-30-2001, 01:16 PM
Pls give recommendations about weight/lenght, preferred brands
Planning to fish medium to small streams, no boat

Fred Evans
05-30-2001, 01:33 PM
Good morning Vic. For fly fishing I'd recommend two rod weights to consider. I'f you're summer run fishing a 6 or perhaps a 7wt. For winter fish an 8 wt rod will usually cover your ground. I'd recommend you go for the longest rod you can get if you're a 'single hander' and not up to Spey Rods yet.

In the 6/7 catagory just purchased the Redington 11' 3" 6 wt for NORMAL RETAIL of $159 .... delivered. Great rod, can cast a mile with a 7wt forward or 7wt DT. Great rod for trout fishing and for summer run work. I know I said it was a 6wt but I usually 'over-line' my rods by one due to lenght of required casts.

If you're doing Spey Rods, again I'd recommend two in particular. The Sage 7/8 13-6 TRADITIONAL (not the Euro) and something like the Loomis 8wt EURO (not the traditional) for use with sinking tips. These two rods will cover very large streams/small rivers very well. Sounds like same line weight, but very very different rod actions.

The sage is a dry line rod, the Loomis is your sinking head, very heavy fly, etc., rod. With the loomis I use a 10wt DT with the head cut off, looped and either a sink-tip or a airflow extra fast sinking leader. Both will get you down and dirty.

05-31-2001, 09:11 AM
In addition to the great advice from Fred, I would add my .02...

For a single hander I like the old RPL 8wt 9' 6", which is now the VPS series. Sweet rod, great line handling and throws the long bellies well.

I rarely use the single handers anymore. I love my Sage 7136-4, it's a great summer run rod... but don't try to use it for big spring natives! I learned the lesson over and over.

I have an old Loomis IMX 15' 4pc 8/9 that kicks butt throwing winter tips.

Looking forward to trying the Dec Hogan series of Flylogic rods soon...