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: My Fly Fishing School Weekend

05-27-2001, 10:48 AM
Sorry if this report comes a little late to be useful for anyone hoping to get out to the Vermont area this weekend but playing catch-up in my business after being away tends to somestimes delay things like this. Just wanted to share my first intense fly fishing experience with all of you.

Boy, what a weekend! Things went really well and Brad Yoder (of "Trout on the Fly" in Randolph Vermont) is a very knowledgeable and talented fly fisher and instructor who also displayed great patience untangling all my wind knots.

We started out on a small brook, the Stoney Brook, with a three weight where, after about two hours, I caught my first rainbow. It was only about 5-6" long. Then, about ten minutes later, I tried this little pocket of water next to a big rock and fast water where I caught a 15 incher! What a thrill. At first it seemed like it didn't know what was going on and stayed still for a good minute or so (at least it felt like a long time), then it realized things weren't right and shot down stream. Wow! The sound of the reel drag, bent rod and Brad telling me to keep the rod up was a real "rush". Those were the only two I caught Friday, but the 15 incher is one I'll remember forever.

Then, Saturday we went on the White River in the morning. Again, it took awhile to get started, but I ended up catching (and releasing) 6 trout, all about 5-8" in size and all in one basic location. One was a jumper which was really cool, too. In the afternoon I wanted to go back to a brook, so Brad took me to one of his favorite spots, the Tweed. I think I tend to favor the small brooks over larger rivers, so far anyway. They seem to have a certain charm, more nooks and crannies to scout out without having to walk greater distances between spots.

On Sunday we went back to the White and spent the day in his 13' inflatable drift boat. It was fun, but I think at my skill level (or lack of), I found it more difficult casting because I now not only had to concentrate on my casting technique, but also where I was in relation to the position of the boat and Brad, which were always moving.

I learned both dry fly and nymphing and caught everything nymphing. A little sidelight fun thing was seeing a beaver within 5' swimming under the boat. And also seeing moose tracks along the banks of the brooks.

All the water was extremely clear and still a little cool. The brooks were in the low 50's and the White in the low 60's.

The gourmet lunches were really great as well. It felt really strange being "served" and waited on, having someone else undo my tangles, etc.

I can highly recommend Brad, both as a guide and instructor. You can get a sense of how thorough he is simply by visiting his web site, which he designed himself I might add. It's one of the most complete and informative sites you'll find for guide services.

All in all, it was a great experience! Now I get to go out and find a rod and reel for myself.

05-27-2001, 03:35 PM
What a great way to enter the sport!!!

It's a far cry from my years of trial and error.

May your future FF days be as nice!

05-27-2001, 07:56 PM
That sounds like weekend you will never forget... You learned things that saved you alot of time plus it was real fun. Thanks for that report. I will definitly look into him .