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: $200 Seattle to Rhode Island

01-31-2004, 11:59 PM
Hmmmm...how far is RI from Boston?? Only $200 for a roundtrip in late May??...isnt late May prime time for the flats and big stripers???

Anyone interested?? :devil:

One can dream...

02-01-2004, 12:05 AM

You'd be closer to the Cape than most weekend warriors, in fact it's an easy drive of about 90 minutes to Chatham, give or take.

PRIMO time of year, bring the Atlantis and a single handed 9wt and you're good to go - or just use one of mine and keep the baggage to a minimum.

Drag Leland and/or Brian over, already tried Sean - he's got a family thing in Vermont next year I think. Tyler and Dana are out for this year I think but are planning on 2005. Or get Dennis to come over with you!

You can't beat that price!

02-01-2004, 12:32 AM
Saw enough of the east coast when I was in the Army to last me a life time. Not even sure I'd fly back out that way for free. Stripper fishing with Juro would be tempting, but I don't know.

Matt Burke

02-01-2004, 07:01 AM
Ah but Matt, it's those precious times between the spandex, celluloid and attitudes that the beach is magic - with mother nature still half asleep, her big striped children are running about like wolves in woods and every strip could take your line to Portugal.

As the sun beams and warms the temperate flats, it's time to don the performance sun fabrics and stalk the sugar white flats, many miles of them to explore in fact on the bayside one of the largest inshore sand structures in North America, and on the sound side the most famous north of the keys. The Monomoy wildlife refuge is a haven for anglers, birders and you can have miles of water to yourself at times.

But unlike the ghostly bonefish there are 40" stripers cruising, in fact fish of 20-30# are commonplace albeit not quite as common to catch but you will turn and connect with your share for a season of trying and it's a world-class fishery.

Then as evening falls, the camaraderie with the Mayor (Striblue), Area 51 meister Pete Gray (Penguin), and a good gang of other members from the area is enjoyed over a bucket of steamers, a cold brew and perhaps a cubano and Scottish libations on the deck to chat about the next day's strategy on the water.

I really feel lucky to have landed in striper country. Now if we could just get rid of this damn thing called winter.... :mad:

02-01-2004, 10:36 AM

PM me the info.


Wooly Worm
02-03-2004, 01:18 AM
Oh, man! $200 both ways? I am dying to go fishing for stripers!

Let me at them!!!!!

My 9 wt and shooting heads are chomping at the bit. Why did I ever leave the east coast?

Let me at them!!!!