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: Light weight tube for backpacking

01-31-2004, 09:46 PM
I have a Sage DS2 4 piece 9 foot rod and would like to buy a tube. What type, brand, etc. do you recommend?

I'd like a reasonably strong tube, I don't expect to be dropping it from cliffs, just carrying it in my backpack on the trail. The reel would be in a seprate case.

I'd like it to be as light as possible.:cool:

Thanks for any advice!

Nooksack Mac
02-01-2004, 03:42 AM
Two-inch PVC pipe should hold a four-piece rod, and if you glue foam inside the end caps, you probably could drop it off a cliff. Cheap, from any building supply store.

02-01-2004, 01:09 PM
I'm a little rusty with posting, but wanted to add to the discussion on durable, lightweight rod tube material suitable for backpacking. I would recommend that you go to the local hardware store and get some SCHEDULE 40 ABS tubing. It differs from the regular PVC in that it is black in color and is significantly lighter, but appears to be just as strong. It is a buck or two more per length than the PVC, but once you compare the weight of the two products - I'm sure you'll go for the ABS.

I have made 4 tubes out of the stuff so far. The stuff comes in 2" and 1.5" diameters, suitable for SW and freshwater 2pc and multiple piece rods.

I get the screw cap fittings for one end (cap and threaded base) and a plain cap for the other end. One standard length can get you a couple of tubes. I measured what I would need for one rod before I went there - as I have a small car and wanted to cut down the pipe to the approximate length before transporting. For any of you out there shopping at Home Depot - go to the moulding section and use their miter saw for cutting down moulding for that initial cut.

Another tip - before you cement and assemble the end cap onto the end of the tube - cememt some foam on the inside of the end cap to provide some protection to your rod ends. You will most likely want to do the same to the screw on cap at the top of the tube. - and cement.

I don't think I would consider buying another type of rod case - these are not flashy, don't advertise what rod you have (which is less likely to arouse any interest if you leave a rod in your vehicle) and are as light as their aluminum cousins.

Good luck,

Pete Mac Neil