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: Sili Skin Blue Crab - Fro Bonefish

01-30-2004, 03:10 PM
Need to get the weight and proportions for a blue crab..This has been tub tested and really went down nicely onto it's rump. Since this is for Bonefish I have been working on minimizing the splash factor.. the body is folder over siliskin colored with a green torquoise marker inside. The legs are small segments of light green Turkey Biots ( the kind you would use on terrestrials with trout flies). the claws are aqua grizzly tips cut to shape claw. Eyes (which the photo does not show well ) are burnt 15 pound test mono. The Dumbbell is medium but covered all around with green yarn to decrease splash. This is one example and i need to work on this more. But I like the size ,varivas #2 hook. This is very simple to tye... once you have your clouser weight on.. You simply take a piece of sili-skin and fold it in two and cut it to the relative shape of a blue crab carapace. Slip the sili skin thought the hook at the middle of the cut. Color the inside with the magic marker. ...lay down on the sticky side the legs... then the eyes stalks... then the claws ( after you have stripped some feathers off the base of the hackle)... then ...Fold over and voila.... then twerl some yarn around the weight and tie in..Then take a bodkin and pick out the yarn so that it's all fuzzy and disheveled... and done.. it takes about 5 minutes to do.