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: New Angling Guidelines in Ireland (FMD)

05-03-2001, 10:34 AM
11th of May and all will be well More or less...

Just a quick note...

New Angling guidelines have been drafted with the FMD situation in mind. These are for visiting as well as irish anglers.

online at \


PS hi to all and looking forward to talking to you all again

05-03-2001, 06:33 PM
Mylo -

Glad to hear from you. I hope everything is back to normal now, and I would imagine the spring fishing is keeping you busy!

05-03-2001, 10:02 PM

Ditto Juro's comments and best wished for a great season. The runs on MOy sound very encouraging and itl ooks like the Kellys of Cloughans on Conn are still working the magic!