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: Saltwater Fishing lincense in ME,MA,NH,RI,CO,NY,NJ,MD,VA

Old Saltfly
01-22-2004, 06:10 AM
About fifty years ago Ashaway Line Co. located in sourthern RI (makers of fine fishing line at that time) had a movie produced, it was called "Endless Summer" showing anglers (not fly fishing) fishing for striped bass. It showed fishing from ME down in the fall run, the idea to fish for bass following their migration.

I am opposed to a state fishing license because of all the crooked politicians we have in our state and near by - their greedy people. One just has to look to our beautiful state of Taxachusetts, imagine they almost closed two trout hatcheries - how sad.

I really thought CCA could change the tide. Reality is the best group is STRIPER FOREVER. I believe this is a tremendous start, and I hope to see Striper has a gamefish and a FEDERAL LICENSE with clout. You catch anyone with small, or large quantity - Deport them.

Federal Striped Bass license or stamp so a serious fly rodder can experience the "Endless Summer" with no state boundaries.

I grew up in a time when the limit was 16" I witnessed fly rodders from NJ fishing in Newport, someone caught a small fish they were trying to stretch the bass to be legal - I completely lost it - I almost started throwing rocks at them.

Enough said