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: "Hollow" Streamers

01-21-2004, 11:41 AM
Heres a pic of some Flies i been tyin.....

Long Saddle Tails are tied in flat over bucktail and a stiff wide curved up neck feathersome flashabou/crystal flash between saddles--(any where from 1-10 feathers)

Body--Body braid or dubbing

Collar (s) --very sparse single layer of mixed colors of bucktail reverse tied to flare considerably

Veil--Angel hair or somethin like it (Lighter over belly darker over back or one color)

Over wing and belly--LLama, Finn Raccoon, Icelandic Sheep Fleece, Arctic fox-Craft fur or whatever you like--Tied in Sparse over Veil back and belly (again lighter or darker or whatever)

Use a lice comb or something to brush everything together

Eyes Jungle cock or whatever you like

When or If I get better with this camera Ill send some close ups to show the un-apparent "lack of materials on these flies--They Look full but there is nothing there