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: Where to fish West Palm Beach,FLA

Old Saltfly
01-20-2004, 02:15 PM
Wonder if you can help me out. I"m going to West Palm Beach, Florida. End of February, never been there. Any fly fishing available from the beach at this time of year?? How does one get a saltwater license in dept. stores??

Any help would be appreciated, on flies, gear, licenses etc.



Dble Haul
01-20-2004, 02:23 PM
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01-22-2004, 09:17 AM
Should be lots of fish hanging around. I'd stop in at Dewing's fly shop in downtown westpalm, talk to Phil, great guy, tell him Cody sent you. The beaches off of jupiter should have assorted jacks and bluefish, pretty hit and miss type of deal. If you have the time i would give Capt. Scott Hamilton a call and book a half or full day with him. The spinner sharks will be around then and they are a load of fun. Hope this helps.


01-24-2004, 05:06 PM
Hi Armand,

I v'e fished around there a bit. I had alot of fun with those toothy Barracuda from shore just north of the Lake Worth fishing pier by seacoast towers. Although hit and miss there are large schools of Big barracuda that hang out along the shore there. The eatery on the pier has a great breakfast. The fishing pier charges a small fee for spectators to walk out and see what is being caught. Huge schools of mullet can cruise the shore line and are magnets for big fish. it's not uncommon for clueless tourists standing in or near the mullet school to get attacked by sharks right on the shoreline.

The inlets can be good for Reds, Jacks, Snook and occasional Tarpon. But it too is hit or miss. There are snook along the mangroves in the intercoastal. One spot that may still be accessable near the par 3 golf course north of the lake worth pier down S. Ocean blvd looked promising. You might be able to park at the Golf course if you hit a bucket of balls first :).

I can make some copies of some good articles on Fly Fishing Florida East coast for you and give them to you at UFT if you haven't left for Palm Beach prior to the February Meeting (burlington).

Please do be careful wading out in the currents in Florida, I wouldn't go to deep. I have had big sharks cruise right past me and fortunately the bit my lure off and not my leg.

Good luck, hope the weather is good and tight lines to you Armand.


01-26-2004, 10:40 AM
Hi Armand,

A couple more thoughts for you. Saltwater licenses can be picked up at Kmart, local tackle shops and probably the Lake Worth Fishing Pier.
The pier is a great place to check in and see what's being caught offshore, also the local paper should have a fishing report you can read.

Since it is February I expect most of the snook and tarpon are in the warmer water found in channels and creeks off the intercoastal water way. I'd expect late afternoon/evening after the water has warmed on an outgoing tide to provide the best action. Again the Mangroves, boat docks and such in the more inland channels to provide the best action this time of year for Tarpon and snook anyway. Don't forget this is gator country and there are a fair number of poisonous snakes, so tread carefully around the inland canals and waterways. Wish I was going with you as it is much warmer than here in New England and the scenery at the beach is always a plus.

Tight Lines,

01-26-2004, 07:11 PM
OldSaltFly: Don't know if you're interested in fishing with a good guide to show you the spots. If you are, here is a really nice guide with terrific knowledge of the area: Capt. Dino @ www.finchaser.com. He guides at Montauk for the fall run and returns to Florida for the balance of the year. A really, really nice guy who will find you some nice fish!