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: Circle hooks for kids

John Desjardins
04-28-2001, 09:06 PM
I spent part of today out fishing with my five year old. Gut hooking fish has always been a problem for him. Attempting to solve this I've been trying to get circle hooks that are appropriately sized for panfish for about a year. Recently I got some Mustad # 39951BLN circle hooks from Blue Northern Outfitters. Today I got to test the hooks.

Results: 11 sunfish & 1 bass on worms all hooked in the mouth. No gut hooked fish,:-D or signs of damage to the fish :-D . I have to say that even when bottom fishing with a slack line & a worm the fish were hooked in the mouth. My guess is that the hooking percentage was slightly lower than with a J hook but not much.

04-28-2001, 09:42 PM
That's awesome! Great stats on the circles. Much nicer experience for the kids too. Nothing valuable taught in the disgorging of a gut hooked fish in front of a child unless perhaps anatomy, and that's a lesson best left to formaldehyde and frogs :o

04-29-2001, 08:30 AM
John, I've hoped to find the same thing. it always makes me cringe when my kids throw back a fish, only to see it doing the back-stroke 5 mins later. I'll call Blue Northern today. thanks for the tip. Tom D