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01-17-2004, 04:50 AM
Please chime in with your perspectives, here's mine from Friday...

Attendance: really pretty good, despite cold weather which seemed to help get people wishin' I suppose.

Products I played with:

Although I am just getting started with my tour of the show, I did have the pleasure of casting the new Sage Xi2 and had the opportunity to chat with Cathy Beck and Jerry Siem at the Sage booth. Good to have our own "Princess Fly (Di)" in Cathy, and there's something convincing about talking to the chief rod designer of Sage. The rod did exactly what he said it would do, and I was impressed. Light, superior pick up of line, and the line jumps off the rod like it means business. It takes a different stroke than my favorite RPLXi series rods, but fishing one for a trip or two would definitely tune me into being more dangerous to fish on the flats. I also loved the jewel-blue finish.

Spotted Josko casting a few T&T single handers and I couldn't resist but to take a few casts before he handed them back to Trevor Bross. Feather light, super smooth and a real pleasure to cast. The lines were well stretched and in very good condition, which really made a difference verses some other demo rods along the pool that had crappy lines that took a lot away from the experience. The Horizon, the Vector, the Helix - I liked them all and the fit and trim was exceptional as always. I asked Trevor about our tentative plan to visit T&T's factory right here in MA when the trout fishing gets going in April. He replied that not only would we get the factory tour but he'd show us some sweet spots on the trout streams as well! Keep an eye open if you are in New England and interested in the "road trip".

And then there's Simon Gawesworth. OK, he's not a new product but watching him casting one would wonder if that could be packaged and sold, I'd certainly buy a lifetime's worth. His overhand casting with a singlehander was just as clean as his spey casting for those who have only seen him with two-handers (myself included). The downside of having a show so close to home for me is that I had family commitments I had to keep. Frankly I would've rather been in a hotel this time so I'd be free to drag Simon out somewhere for a dram or two since we had the good fortune to have his company in our frozen corner of the world. BTW - I was fortunate to get his first-hand advice on where to cut Rio's new Skandinavian head to match the Atlantis, although I caught him when the security guards were about to pull their weapons to clear us out and it was rushed affair, I have the mark point and will make the cut from the back end to fine tune the line.

The new Temple Forks continue to amaze me in terms of performance for value. Lefty's new signature rods are amazing, the legend continues. I did not cast them Friday because I cast them so much at Danbury CT two weeks ago, but for a value product with great performance they have the market cornered. It was easy to power the cast to the end of the pool with almost any rod Mike Mayo picked off their rack. Great stuff.

Ran into Jim Murphy, now running the show at Albright. It was great chatting with him about his ability to attract free rounds of drinks at any Irish bar with his incredible singing voice, but soon we were talking about flyfishing stuff again. Jim explained that the "silicate scrim design increases impact resistance by a factor of four", which makes sense since anglers in saltwater conditions tend to fish from boats, cast flies with large stainless hooks, weighted eyes, or even slip on jetties now and then as much as we like to avoid that. After wiggling the rods and feeling the flex I was anxious to cast them but the line was ridiculously long the way they have it set up so I will have to wait until I get a chance today or Sunday.

I am starting to believe in the concept of the Nautilus reel's sealed drag system (Old Florida) - I certainly want to believe it. The difference between it's design and other sealed systems is pretty convincing, although it takes a season of use to find out. The spindle is replaced with a sealed housing that the spool attaches to, so nothing is exposed during spool changes. This housing is packed with grease, and the only possible penetration is from the removal of the drag knob assy which has no practical reason behind it. I'm interested to see if the idea stands the test of time, but it's definitely piqued my interest after having my other "sealed" drags corrode over the course of a full season of saltwater guiding.

The Hardy Mach I line, a shorter two-handed casting line, continues to impress me with it's super smooth taper and willingness to shoot. The lines vary quite a bit and are oddly rated (see Sean's recent post on for the grains but what the heck they are great over/under lines meaning they spey cast and overhand cast very well. I've tried the 8/9, the 9/10 and will have the 10/11 on the Atlantis 1111 for testing today thanks to Andrew over at Tightlines Fly Fishing who got me the line express in time to try it indoors (brrrrrr!) at the show.

I also picked up the Airflo Polyshoot XT running line in a nice bright intermediate color to use with a clear shooting head in the salt. Tim Rajeff recommended it for what I am doing. I bought if for use on the Atlantis because the core characteristics, diameter, coating, and most importantly the length of the shooting line is 150ft - and the goal is to shoot it to the backing knot someday. With a 35-45ft head... do the math. Might be attainable, might not but it's nice to have a running line that won't run out when the fish takes a run at the end of a typical two-handed cast. The floater looked great for spey applications particulary for homemade Skagit lines. Maybe the unacheivable 185-195 ft cast will break me of my recent obsession with casting the backing knot into the guides :p

And then there's this new two-hander designed specifically for saltwater coastal gamefishermen.... WOW you have to see it! :devil:

Well I will be fondling more toys today and Sunday and will post my perspectives, please post about things you liked but keep it objective and no direct hyperlinks unless it's a sponsor per our policy.


01-17-2004, 08:33 AM
Juro---EXCELLENT and Informative report.... I socialized too much to get into all that plus I focused on tying material.... I knew you would and I was right... Thanks.... see you today and dinner tonight. ..PS.. I did however, and hope this is not premature, but discussed with Fishing the Cape the Orgainization of an "Advanced " flyfishing school.

Dble Haul
01-17-2004, 06:08 PM
Thanks for such an informative summary. I'll have to live vicariously through the site for what's going on up there because I've come down with the flu that's going around.

I guess I should expect, with all of the kids I have contact with during the week.

Have fun everyone.

01-18-2004, 12:14 AM
You missed an excellent opportunity to spread it to several thousand unsuspecting folks already suffering from "cabin fever"!:devil:

01-18-2004, 08:17 AM
Great report; geez, I feel like I didn't even need to be there to see the new toys. Hopefully I'll see some of you next weekend at the Somerset show, and will get to play with a few new items, as well.

01-18-2004, 01:03 PM
Sorry I couldn't make it this week end.:( Things just got a little too crazy with work.:whoa: :eyecrazy: Next time.