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: FB Popper - Little Mack

01-14-2004, 08:30 PM
Here is a little mack popper... simple to do and opens the door for you to experiment with feathers as I showed last year... You don't have to just use stick on material and you can put flash anywhere and use any feathers as an immitation ,like this one ,or go wild with attractor patterns. The designs are as many as you want with any combinations of feathers... put a jungle cock eye instead or flash the sides... This one has a portion of a green or chartreuse grizzly hackle for the top, 2 standard grizzly hackle (black and white) for the sides and 4 portions of light brown and white grizzly for the belly... the front is colored in with red magic marker... and the gills are one jungle cock main feather on each side. The eyes are as you see them. The tail is four maribou plums with the tips plucked and simmple evenly bunched around the hook. Lay each feather on top of a thin coat of epoxy and do the top first...let set, them move to the sides and finally the belly..letting each set before the next section... then be sure to trim the little overhang excess you see and finalize with a second coat of epoxy... tyhen harden the popper with hard as nails... In case you want to know... these work and are fairly durable.. except for the bluefish... but the epoxy holds up well... make them simple or complicated.