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: Puglisi flies

01-13-2004, 11:07 PM
I'm looking for a step by step guide on how to tie these flies. Websites? Books?

Thanks. CDG

01-14-2004, 07:35 AM
Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies

My understanding is that David Klausmyer's book has the step by step.


01-14-2004, 08:14 AM
CDG,, Sean is right. The only source I know of is one description in Klausmeyers book... OR you can see him tie at the Marleboto Show this weekend.. I have been unable to find any other place that shows the step by step. He will not show you how on his web site... he uses it to sell his flies...

01-14-2004, 09:26 AM
I am surprised that there is not more information out there considering he sells the materials under his name. You would think demand would increase if you provided more instruction around their use.


Doc Duprey
01-14-2004, 09:27 AM

I met him at the Fly Tying Symposium in November, and he was quite willing to show me how he ties his flies. He also helped me select materials and tools for my particular applications (peanut bunker). He was most gracious and helped to clarify some questions that I had even after reading Klausmeyer's description (which is quite good).

Try to talk to him at the show. It should be worth your time.

Best regards,


01-14-2004, 10:32 AM
Klausmeyer's step-by-step was also just published in the latest edition of ... dang, I can't remember.. well, it was either Saltwater Fly Fishing, or Fly Tyer. If anyone needs the exact details, email me and I'll check when I get home.

-- Tom

01-14-2004, 10:59 AM
Doc is correct..he is very helpful and I have hunkered down to watch and ask questions... but what is interesting is that when asked about any book or instructions..he just shrugged.... He will be at Marleboro this weekend... He is helpful and a nice guy but I think he has an agenda for openly publishing is step by steps anyway. Don't forget.. Kausmeyers step by step is NOT from Puglisi.. But is the step by step.. I have seen Puglisi do the same thing but he will also add more steps and apply thinner material in each step... and works FAST.

01-14-2004, 07:01 PM
Its the Feb/Mar 2004 issue of Saltwater Fly Fishing, pg. 26.

-- Tom

07-09-2005, 02:09 PM
I am interested in getting tying instructions/techniques for tying Puglisi style flies, so I thought I would give this thread a bump. Anybody willing to share some ideas? I cannot afford any new tying books at the moment and I don't have access to any of the back issue of Saltwater Flyfishing....hoping someone can post some instructions online.