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12-31-2003, 10:41 AM
Here is Grego's fly. Grego,Please post the recipe here when you see thos thread.Thanks.

12-31-2003, 02:32 PM
GREGO'S very nice, great job.ill be lookin for the patten
good luck good tyin:smokin:

12-31-2003, 02:42 PM
HEY! I know that fly...

I can attest to the fact that it works Great.

01-02-2004, 09:28 AM

Thanks, I'll get the recipe written soon!


That reminds me, did you ever get that roll of film developed? There should be some great shots. That day definately ranks in my top-10 all time "great days on the water" list!!!!!

01-04-2004, 07:45 PM
Epoxy Bunker (Weighted)

Hook: Mustad 34007 3/0 (or similar “heavy” hook)

Thread: Fine Mono + Red flat waxed nylon (for gill)

Body: 0.020” lead wired covered with pearl body material

Underwing: Lavender super-hair

Belly: White bucktail, tied underneath “Thunder-Creek Style”

Wing: Blue-Jay Bucktail, tied on top “Thunder-Creek Style” & topped with peacock

Eyes: 3-5mm Prism

Head: Five-Minute epoxy (two light coats)


(1) Wrap lead wire starting at the hook bend & stop about ¼” before hook eye.
(2) Cover lead with pearl body material & coat with zap-a-gap.
(3) Top tie in super-hair.
(4) Bottom tie white bucktail “Thunder-Creek Style” (this means tie the cut ends facing the hook bend & let the good material extend out past the hook eye). Use lots of wraps, & stop about 1/16” before hook eye.
(5) Top tie blue bucktail “Thunder-Creek Style.” Again use lots of wraps & stop before eye.
(6) Back the thread back about 5/8.” This will determine your gill/shoulder transition.
(7) Now separate the blue bucktail (that’s facing forward), & pull it back firmly & tie it down with lots of wraps
(8) Take the hook out of the vice jaws, flip it over, & put it back in the jaws by the bend, so the hook tip is exposed.
(9) Pull back the white bucktail (that’s facing forward) firmly & distribute the material equally on both sides of the hook. Again tie it down with lots of wraps, tie it down, & return hook to normal position in vice jaws.
(10) Tie in about 6 strands of peacock right at the hook eye & tie it off
(11) Now switch to the red thread. Start a few wraps, then pull back the peacock and continue wrapping until you have a pronounced gill. Tie this off.
(12) Apply the prism eyes to the front of the head. Apply two light coats of 5-minute epoxy. Use a toothpick to work the first coat into the fibers. After the first coat sets up apply a second smooth “finish” coat.

I got the Idea for this fly from the Mach/April 2003 “American Angler” magazine. The fly in this issue was called the “Alton Girl” & it was a smelt fly for Landlocks on Winnie. I completely re-tooled the design for a bunker pattern (including adding the weight). But this Issue has a nice Photo step-by-step that shows the basic technique.

I think the key to the success with this fly is all about the weight. The heavy hook, lead wire & epoxy head really help get this fly down in a hurry. It worked great during the Fall run with lots of peanut bunker around. Small to medium sized Bass & Blues would bust the bait at or near the surface; therefore, regular deceiver style flies would get hit right away by these smaller fish. Something that could get down quickly, but still had the action of a stunned or wounded bunker, was just the ticket. One day off Plymouth, JimW & I literally caught Bass & Blues all day long, but the only really big fish caught that day (37.5” 22#) was on this fly. That’s why this is my best of 2003!

Is it just me, or was Blue really hot last season?

01-07-2004, 12:08 PM
Nice one Grego! Stick a few in your hat will ya?, so I can bum one in a crisis.

Nice thing about Grego flies like this one is they hold together after 50 fish!

Hmmm...I wish I could trade some Irish music for some flies, then the winter wouldn't be a total bust as far as tyin.


01-29-2004, 07:07 PM
Here is one of the pics. Did you get the full scale version? I sent it via email back in October. Unfortunately most of the massive flocks of birds did not come out. Those disposables have no shutter speed setting. I've got to get a better camera. That day was unreal.

01-29-2004, 07:25 PM
Grego..I have known you for quite a while and have never seen such a wide smile before!

02-03-2004, 12:02 PM

I did not get the Full Res image.

My home email has changed (

Also, I don't see the Pic in this thread


02-03-2004, 02:40 PM
This is not an easy fly to tie. Anyone have an online picture of how to tie “Thunder-Creek Style.” ?

- - SK

02-03-2004, 02:49 PM
Looks like he's playing a guitar not holding a striper...

"You can tune a guitar but you can't somethingsomething"

02-03-2004, 07:36 PM
Email is on the way Greg. The missing pic may be IE6 privacy, I've found NetScape worked better for me from behind the firewall at work.

02-04-2004, 08:54 AM

Thanks a bunch; that's a great picture, the pre-dawn glow is awsome ("while others were slackin' we were into backin' !! ). That day definitely goes into my top 10 alltime great days on the water!!!

On the "thunder creek" as a said above the Mach/April 2003 “American Angler” magazine has a very good photo step-by-step. For the Albie fly swap I am going to tie a smaller version (#2) in all white with pearl angle hair accent. I'll try to take a couple of photos that capture the reverse tie, but someone will have to host them for me cause my web-site is all F-ed up & I have not had the time to Fix It!!!

Thanks again Jim, looking forward to Next Season"