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: Holbox Island, Yucatan Tarpon?

12-29-2003, 12:25 PM
Does anyone have any experience or know anything about the tarpon fishing in the summer off Holbox Island in the Yucatan? I understand it is about 100 miles north of Cancun. Some friends of mine are planning to give it a try this summer. Any comments of what to expect, watch for, rod wts., flies, lines, etc is appreciated.
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nevada caster
01-03-2004, 01:02 AM
The Blue Dun www.bluedun.com can give you a lot of info. It is primarily ocean fishing with 12 wt rods, and fast sinking lines. There is a bit of baby tarpon fishing in the lagoons with 10 wts and floating lines when the weather is bad. No bones..all used for shark bait

You can get a lot of info on the island by just doing a google search

It's a small, out of the way place with good food. You can drive (2 hrs), or take a small charter plane if there are enough of you

Rick J
01-16-2004, 02:44 PM
I am considering a trip there also - a toss up between that place and Isla Blanca. As Nevada Caster indicated they go out for the big tarpon right offshore generally in the mornings (60# to 200#) and then go into the mangroves for baby tarpon in the afternoon.

Isla Blanca is a bit farther south - I was there 2 years ago. No big tarpon but good numbers of baby tarpon and good shots at permit and some bones (not found in great numbers at Holbox).

Bill Kiene (Kiene's Fly Shop) in Sacramento has been fishing both places for a number of years and has quite a bit of information on both locations. Check his web site www.kiene.com or give him a call.

I really got hooked on going after the permit and my brother and I both hooked slams on our last day but did not land them all. But from what I understand talking to Bill, the tarpon fishing is likely better at Holbox.