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steve moore
03-22-2001, 09:21 AM
National Geographic has an interesting article on the controversy surrounding the removal of dams on the Columbia River in an effort to restore the salmon runs. It indicated that recent polls were evenly split with 40% favoring removal, 40% favoring status quo and 20% undecided. As a personal observation, I found it interesting that the magazine featured two advertisements that promoted the sport of recreational fishing. One was a Lincoln (car) ad that showed a picture of a guy fly fishing for bonefish and the other was for a fishing organization of some sort.

03-22-2001, 09:54 AM
Thanks Steve - I'll be sure to pick that edition up today. I checked out their site and they provide a nice synopsis...

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It still amazes me that the Columbia got her name from Admiral Gray, who set out on a sailing ship built in Pembroke Massachusetts on the North River, circumnavigated the north and south american continents decades before Lewis and Clark (1792), and sailed up a giant river packed with salmon and named it after his ship - the Columbia Rediviva.

His son was the first white man to sail up the Snake, and the Gray Mansion is a working B&B on the banks of the Columbia to this day. Small world!

It's sad how things stand today with the world's greatest salmonid producer. I read that the runs of salmon and steelhead in the Columbia are 13% of what they were in the 1930's and that was a few years back. To think that the fish have been reduced almost 90% in less than one century is pretty bad, and most of what is left is of hatchery origin.

<font size="1">Related note: Perhaps this is another reason we need as many people to support the Wild Steelhead Coalition's plea - have you written yours yet?</font><!--1-->