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: S.Beach Momomoy Fuse continued

Bob Pink
12-20-2003, 09:18 AM
My guess on the issue would be as follows. There is just too much volume handled by the S.Beach / S.Monomoy outlet even though the changes seen in the two pictures posted by 'guin show that over the past couple of years (the MIT shots are about 6 years old or longer) the channel along the inside of S.Beach has adopted a classic 'river' style architecture with a meandering route. But, the area to the north of N.Monomoy towards Morris Island has continued to shoal. I can attest to the fact that the channel through there has gotten skinnier.


I for one would think that any closure of the flow of water would have a drastic effect on the habitat throughout the Monomoy system. If things close off at the north end, it would add a lot of hydraulic 'pressure' on the crib between N. and S. Monomoy and would short circuit the flow of water in and around the "tub".

12-20-2003, 12:16 PM
Bob, nice to hear from you... If I understand your point... this shoaling will obviously enhance the clousure of the southway at some point... because of the Gigantic forces flowing south.. The very currents that formed South monomoy. Before South beach began it's desent south... and in historic perpectives... Morris Island, North monomoy and South monomoy were attached to each other... witness the rusted out Model T Fords on South Monomoy, plus written history of the area and the Powder hole. Had the Chatham break never happened the major sand build up would have continued south from Nauset...The crib would have never existed... the flow is just picking up where it left off because of the break.. that is an increase of south beach south ward build up... so south beach build up south is actually protecting the crib for the time being.... until that south flow of sand is continued to effect the south way (The southway was nothing more than the Altantic Ocean before the break)..Look at the build up of south beach at it's tip in the last few years...that sand is now being pushed up into the crib area because of those huge forces of water you mention at the southway into and out of the tub. Not just my think but from locals as well.

12-21-2003, 07:39 AM
Hey Bob -

Good to hear from you.

I agree, there is way too much volume in the ocean side flood/ebb and although there is plenty on the sound side part-way thru the flood the current is pushed back with a vengeance in favor of the water coming in the inlet, there's no question who's in charge there.

The crib / west common flats current is limited by the shoaling along the outer edge of it's western edge as well, which are boater's beach islands.

In spring the arriving migrants following the south side shoreline get funnelled into the tub and a land bridge would stop that action. In fall the large bunker are cornered around the Stage inlet which puts a lot of very large bass wandering into the area looking for 12-13" pogies, that would be strictly a Hardings' Beach phenomenon and the refuge would only get migrant fish poking in from their back beach pushes in the fall instead of that wonderful mixing pot effect the refuge is known for.

Boaters would have to "go around" from Oyster R or Saquetucket. I am not sure I mind that :devil: J/K if I buy I boat it would be a heartbreaker for sure.

Anyway, as Bob says the article talks about a fusing that IMHO is less likely than a closure of the gap between north and south M.

Purely anecdotal and unsubstantiated opinion based on the number of footsteps I put on that sand.

12-21-2003, 10:47 AM
Stage Harbour and inlet/Morris Island and narrows...
'03 Spring...daydream fodder...:cool:

12-21-2003, 04:47 PM
Getting a little skinny...an under statement?!