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: Anyone fished Labrador?

12-20-2003, 02:41 AM
A buddy and I have talked for years about traveling to Labrador for those monster brookies. Anyone have any recommendations for lodges, outfitters, etc?

Thanks, Dan

12-20-2003, 05:44 AM
When I worked part time at a local flyshop, guys would come in fairly regularly to gear up for that trip north. One of them is Tod Dillon, a member on the site and oh the tales he would tell!

Put it this way, he'd pick up big patches of fur for mousee flies with a big grin. Maybe he'll chime in.

Tod D
12-21-2003, 08:44 PM
I was just thinking, "boy, I haven't posted in quite some time..." and, voila, Labrador pops up...

My dad-in-law and I spent a week in July '99 at Awesome Lake Lodge in Labrador. Terrific time. I'd be happy to share experiences and research we did. Drop me a PM or email and I'll pass along what I know.

Short story: we chose Awesome Lake as it seemed the best value for a relatively-short buck. Len Rich ran the camp; class act & a fantastic fisherman. Camp was spartan, but very comfortable. I believe Ken went into a partnership recently w/ another lodge owner and they've pumped a lot of $$$ into the accomodations.

Believe Bill Tapply (sp?) just did a short article on Awesome Lake in the latest issue of American Angler.

Juro's not kidding about big 'ol furry flies. Our most effective "dry" fly all week was a small mouse fly I'd tied up. Brookies would create wakes charging after it. Lots of luck w/ golden stones, leeches w/ zonker strip tails, and a wool-headed sculpins.

Did a lot of research on a number of the other camps: Wood River, Osprey Lake, Cooper's. Lots of options, lots of great fishing. We're thinking about a return trip sometime in the next 1-2 years (leaning towards Osprey), so I'd be happy to swap stories.

There's something to be said for reeling in a nice 2.5-3 lb brookie w/ two others the same size nipping at the fly in its mouth, when all of a sudden out of the depths comes one that is at least double their size - and he tries to devour the hooked fish. 1st time I saw it, my dad-in-law didn't believe me... until he witnessed it himself. Beautiful country, fantastic memories. And relatively short money from the east coast of the US.