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: CND 1367Exp. Christened!

12-19-2003, 07:30 PM
Well after waiting for weeks to have decent fishing weather, today was a true "live test" for the rod. With a Rio MidSpey 6/7 and the type 6 sinking tip, I was away to a favorite spot we call "The Cliffs". As the name implies, cliffs behind you and a wonderfull deep pool in front. No room for backcasts. Enter the Spey cast(s). After practicing a fair amount in the late fall, (Dana, you better read this!) I was able to cover the water that holds the fish. Caught 2 good Rainbows, one at 20 1/2 inches and one at 19 1/2 inches and missed (LDR's) 3 others, much to the dismay of my buddies who were fishing the opposite bank but could not reach the holding waters. I may have created two new "Spey Addicts" . The rod is impressive and will get its second test tomorrow, so far it gets a pass with flying colors!