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: Flyfishing 101, Class #5 , Answer to problem

12-17-2003, 01:06 PM
For those not paying tight attention to detail (and remember that God resides within the details), let us review:.
There can be no napping until the sun goes down. There is a scheduled rendezvous with your partner at noon for lunch back at the truck. If you stand him up because you are "dozing," don't expect this sit well with him after he thinks you are in trouble and hikes upriver to check on you past pools that you have already fished.
Back quietly away from the scene.
Don't change tippets unless you go lighter. Big browns got big by being wary of tippets.
Get the midges off and put on a sculpin pattern.
Go around the situation to upstream left and fish it from above, starting with the wood pile- mid-stream rock channel first.
Put on a split shot heavy enough to stop the fly before the tailout is reached.
Cast well above the slot and let it swim on through. Cover the slot carefully until the edge of the mid-stream rock is reach.
Fish a few casts in front of the rock.
Then move over and work the cut bank, making sure that you actually slide in underneath it.
If the fly stops somewhere down in the pool because of the shot, good. Let it rest there for awhile and then a slight move and then rest.

Your professor gives you this solution after experiencing the exact same problem last summer. The brown was a little over 25" and was estimated at about 5-6 pounds. The fish was released, of course. Oh, he was actually hooked in front of the mid-stream rock. Never forget this.
Professor Lawless
Grades: Any mention of covering the water above the mid-stream rock= A.
Long, detailed, carefully planned = B
Changing the rig to accomodate the pool =C
Coarse language, making derogatory remarks about the professer = F.
Have a pleasant yule season