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: Waders on the beach

12-16-2003, 10:58 AM
This past season (2003) I tried a new idea for wading on the beach. I have problems with my legs (clogged arteries) and wearing bootfoots were very tiring to wear all day. Since I work at an orvis store I some times get to try out new products. This past year I started to use their low flats booties for wet wading the beach. AS the season got colder I wasn't looking forward to wearing bootfoots again. I came up with the idea of wearing my stocking foot waders with the low booties. They were fantastic ! My feet stayed warm and There was practically no sand getting in.(a teaspoon worth maybe). If you don't like to wear those cumbersome boot foots and hate getting sand in your wading shoes try the flats booties from Orvis. I also went out on the jetties with just the booties with my corkers, you don't mind wearing corkers this way.:D

12-16-2003, 06:23 PM
Don't get me started on this;) ... and I suspect you will get other posts... But I never...never... wear waders fishing the beach in the summer. I will admit that on some cooler days and if I would be wading a long time..I should take some breathables...BUT..have not yet (thats for some of the other guys on the forum..there is no admission here). I wet wade since you really should only go no further than the bottom of your basket..if that far ,and Knee hight should be the rule...This is at Monomoy and south beach..If you are on the Ocean side of south beach then you absolutly don't need waders... and can walk comfortably for miles..I also use the orvis sandals... but wore one pair out in one season... the attachements wore out.... on the beach I will go barefoot.