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: Send me some Disinfectant!

03-07-2001, 09:33 AM
You may have heard in the news about the FMD outbreak in Britain. In Ireland precautions are being taken to prevent this economically devestaing disease. The precautions include a complete ban on fishing(!!!)to prevent the virus being transported around the place if it is here!

So please tell me about how great it is every where else... I can't fish untill the 20th of April...


03-07-2001, 09:52 AM
I've heard mention of it... why does it cause a ban on all fishing? Can you give us some details?


03-07-2001, 11:36 AM
FMD is a viral infection which is not really serious (the animals don't die - unless infirm) but which causes lack of thrive, that is the animals do not gain wieght and milk yields are affected. It affects all cloven hooved animals and can be carried by just about anything. It also can be transmitted as an aerosol.

The problem is the international controls on the sale of meat and dairy products and vaccinated animals, and movement of animals from infected countries ,and the economic consequences . Britain will not be able to export and dairy, pork, sheep or beef products. To stop the spread of the disease in Britain all infected animals and herds with infected animals are destroyed and burned. It is fairly rough looking on the telly...

If it hits Ireland (it has in Northern Ireland) then our agricultural sector will be pole axed and we still have a very high reliance on our agri sector (economically and for something to eat).

The Minister for the Marine felt it best to control acces of anglers to farm land to prevent inadvertant spread of the disease. So a ban of all angling was the best bet there. And as we (anglers) rely on farmers to grant access to waters in their land it is best to cooperate. The last thing we need is farmers blaming anglers for spreading the disease to their farm. So it is for the best really. And the 20th of April is not too far away, and more importantly there is talk of getting the ban modified top allow fishing from peirs which do not involve access to farm land. So lake fishing from a boat is looking likely from next week...

Here's hoping,


03-07-2001, 11:36 AM
The FMD outbreak has been the topic of discussion with all the Irish bar owners in town for the last week.

From what I gather the disease can be spread by foot traffic. You can walk through an infected area and carry it on your shoes for an extended period of time(ie. country to country, town to town, etc.)

For that reason they have canceled the St. Pats festivities in Ireland as well as soccer and rugby matches for fear of spreading the disease. It can completely devistate the livestock industry if it were to spread any more than it has. The airports, from what I've heard, have installed disinfecting mats that all arriving and departing passangers must walk across.

Concerning fishing, I would imagine that many of the areas bordering the streams and rivers are primarily used for livestock. At the very least, they are probably trying to prevent people from wandering all over the rural areas in their liesure time, and then retreating to their local territory with FMD on their shoes, or, more likely, carrying it in to the rural areas from somewhere else.

Sorry for your trouble Mylo, I hope everything turns out O.K.

03-13-2001, 02:17 PM

What's the latest? Here in Boston our hearts are with you on this the week of St. Patricks.
The reports on the news look rough.


03-14-2001, 03:00 AM
Well things are bad in Britain alright... over 200 confirmed cases reported - it is in every county. The North has a couple of suspect cases but the results are not in yet. The situation has highlighted the illegal animal trade and rustling which occurs in the border counties in Ireland. Many believe that it is impossible for Ireland to escape, but so far we still have no confirmed cases.

However the rest of Europe is not so lucky. Having been unfortunate enough to have imported some sheep and cattle from Britain prior to the alarm (all of which were subsequently destroyed) the virus seems to have got out. The result: Confirmed cases in France and Belgium. No movement of meat products or live animals from these countries to Ireland or to other European countries or worldwide.

USA and Canada are eager to prevent the spread of the disease to their stocks so have banned importing any meat products or livestock from ALL Europe. The Irish Agriculture minister is asking for amnesty as there are no cases here, but the situation is critical.

Mind you the British still say they have it under control.... I don't know. While over here there are accusations of double standards in trying to prevent it at least some controls are in place (anglers and tourist industry frustrated at being tied down, sporting events cancelled etc but dog walking still goes on, and boating - but no fishing from the boats!). In Britain there are no real controls and the spread of the disease does not seem to provoke a serious response.

Everyone is saying that it is because the British nation has become so far removed from its agricultural heritage that it can not be taken seriously as no one (in the national psyche) relies on farms anymore...

It's bleak alright, but still there is hope. As long as it stays away from these shores we are going fishing on the 20th of April.