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: Opportunity for input on NEFMC seat!!

03-06-2001, 12:52 PM
This was sent to me by Harry Graff, another concerned CA member.
Please write- we can use the representation on the Council!

We try not to overdue the "Alert" issue, but this issue has a short fuse.

Rip Cunningham, long time CCA member and current Massachusetts Fisheries
Council member, is going for a seat on the NE Fisheries Management Council.
He's a great candidate and needs your- immediate- support in the form of a
letter or phone call to Gov. Cellucci's Office. There's no one I can think
of with better credentials and insight into the management of fisheries and
the issues that impact recreational anglers.

Since time is critical, I've enclosed a form letter as a start. Please
personalize it as you see fit.

Governor's Office phone: (617) 727-6250 fax: (617) 727-9725
Email: GOffice@state.ma.us

If you decide to help, please send me a copy of the letter or email so we
can keep a count.

Harry Graff
T 508-541-8413