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: Answer to Lesson #4, Flyfishing 101.

12-08-2003, 01:18 AM
The idea to grasp here is that this man is close to his death. One little mistake will push him over the edge and into Sleep City. To live, he must not sleep! He must find some source of heat other than himself if his body core is to return to normal temperature. Many responses were quite cleaver and just might work. He must not lose anymore core temp. and so the sleeping bag should be worn as a robe. The head must be covered. If the farm house (your only real chance) is unoccupied, break in and call 911. Find some heat and cozy up to it.
Carry at least a bic lighter when you are in the woods or stay out of them.
In the spirit of Christmas, I am giving everyone an A on this lesson, even those who should get a boot in the butt. T'is the season to be jolly.
Prof. Lawless
How did I get to be the professor in all this? I thought it all up, that's how.:smokin:

12-08-2003, 10:48 PM
Prof -

One correction... you can't replace core body heat with external covering quickly enough to resist shock or effects of severe hypothermia. The best method is ingestion of hot liquids, something for your students to keep in mind. That is not to say the blanket won't help retain what you have, it will - but it will not restore core temp in an effective manner.

Also, a body can become hypothermic in water that feels like bathwater, particularly if the legs (i.e. largest vascular structures) are submerged for hours at a time. Extended wet wading even in summer mid-day conditions can bring on hypothermia.

Also, you can't paint a picture of no available fire then suggest having a lighter!

My wise-crack answer would have been "use the cell phone to call the paramedics - the solution from your last puzzle" :devil:

(don't get me wrong I love your posts)

12-09-2003, 05:06 PM
Naturally I never lower myself to become actually involved in an argument with one of my students, albeit a very informed and talented one.
But maybe a little further clarificaction is in order. I wanted to impress my students with the fact that the sleeping bag was not going to do it. I have a colleague who lost a friend to this very tragic situation. He got in his truck's shell, got into his sleeping bag, and was found dead.
Thus I stated that the farmhouse was the only chance the man had because there he might find some external source of heat.

The bic lighter comment was meant as a suggestion to those who might want want to avoid such a calamity in the future; it had nothing to do with the problem as stated. It was just advice, something with which I am very generous.
Professor Lawless, B.A., M.A., DD.