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: Classic saltwater #35- Nacht Tern

12-06-2003, 09:39 PM
NACHT TERN - Hook- 3/0 seaguard ; Thread - Black ; Tail - White Bucktail ; Body - Braided Silver Tinsel ; Wing - Black Bucktail and grey squirrel ( I used Grey Bucktail tips)..... History- Here is a quote taken from Deke Myers book relating to this fly which was written to him from Bob Nauheim... “Without exageration, I have taken over 200 striped bass with the Nacht tern 9 named after my German born wife, Helena) using a floating line and fishing after sundown. There is no doubt that black has the highest visibility of any color and this is especially true at night when big fish search for bait fish looking up from a truly dark environment into a lighter one. I originally developed the Nacht Tern in the mid 1960's for fishing the lights of the bridges San Faranciso Bay.”