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: A.K. Best's point on stoneflies...

03-01-2001, 10:56 PM
Had the pleasure of seeing Mr.Best's presentation tonight at the United Fly-Tyers meeting. One of the many points that stood out was one about giant stonefly nymphs... which I have used with great success in the northwest for summer steelhead.

Here's his tip:

Most people use nypmh hooks curved inward, or bent down. His entomologist buddies advised him otherwise - bend them up (back). When you grab a stonefly, (ugh) they curl up a little and squirm, but as soon as they hit the water they curl backward and project their legs to grab the first thing they touch - bottom rocks, sticks, etc. The antennae are pushed back from the current and don't protrude until stationary on the bottom, when they are used to feel around to determine their surroundings. His slide showed a large #2 nymph tied as he emphasized, and it looked just like a nymph under the influence of current.

I got into a giant stonefly phase during my years in steelhead nirvana, but never really liked the curled hook results and action. In fact I tied as many on straight hooks as curled hooked and they fished better in my opinion. This little revelation will lead to a much more lifelike, vulnerable looking pternarcis for me in the future.

Thanks A.K!

03-03-2001, 12:28 AM
Juro ---- are you refering to the TMC 200r [NOT GOOD] to 400T [ GOOD]

regards saltron

03-03-2001, 06:23 AM
The point AK was making was not about hook model. He always rattled off hook model #'s for slides but for this slide he just said "don't bend them down, bend them UP!". Therefore I assume he bends his own to shape. The hook appeared to be a traditional nymph hook, which is also the muddler down eye. Of course there is a swimmer nypmh hook pre-bent at the factory. My exerience with these is that the thin wire is not adequate for steelhead or salmon, but fine for trout.