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: Loop Spey Rods - Ebay

12-01-2003, 03:59 PM
I have listed on Ebay 5 Loop Blueline 11'6" 7-8 weight 4 piece mini speys. It's a great stick for the great lakes, and any of your small-large rivers. Exceptions may be some of the real big rivers in BC, Gaspe, and Europe. Great rod for rivers like the North Umpqua, Miramichi, etc. Normal retail is $360.00 which is already a deal. I have them listed as buy-it-now for $299.00 on ebay. Just type in Loop Spey Rod for a search and you should find them. I will also be an east coast CND Spey rod dealer in the next couple of weeks. I will have a good showing at the Somerset, NJ Show in January. Recomended line for the Loop Rod is the Airflow Multi-tip Doublehand in a 7-8 weight. Great versitile line for swinging flies.

Tight Lines,