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: Will Fake Fish For Food

11-30-2003, 04:10 PM
These storys came across the radar screen by way of Micheal Milstein of the Oregonian, for Sunday, 11/30, and can be found at Oregonian .com in full....
and I keypoint....


1. Norway has aprox. 800 Salmon farms
2. There are aprox 7 farms at the entrance to Romsdalsfjord
3. The Maana River, flowing into the Romsdals, is seeing a direct result from a part of the estamated 550,000 escaping Salmon from Norways farms
4. 80% of the "large" Salmon caught on the Maana last year were Farm stock
5. At one point, the Government posioned the river in an attempt to stem the rising problem of non-native stock. But with the problem not just being contained to the river, the non's soon came back.
6. Salmon at large farms are fed "pellets" at a rate of aprox. 10+ tons a day. The pellets are made from other fish like Anchovies and Jack Mackerel, which when caught in such large numbers, put preasure on food stocks for ocean going fish and other animals
7. The farms have been plagued by the disease Cold Water Vibriosis, Sea Lice, etc.
8. Fecal waste from the farms has exceeded that from all the cities in Norway, and sea floor areas directly below the farm "cages" are described as "dead zones"

And in the North West.....

1. As reported recently, aprox 500 escaped Atlantics were found in a tributary of the Chehalis River in Washington.
2. They were from a farm run by Cypress Island, a Salmon operation owned by a Norwegian-based company that has other interests in the Puget Sound area
3. It took more than 90 days for officals to attempt to rectify this problem. At this time only aprox 100 were recovered, leaving 400 un-accounted for.
4. More than 1 million Atlantics have escaped from pens in the North West to date.
5. They have shown up in the Dungeness, Nisqually in Washington; the Copper in Alaska; and in the Bearing Sea, 1000 miles away.
6. Many of the same old problems persist here it seems....
* Fecal Contamination of sea beds
* Disease and virus. (There was an outbreak of Hematopoietic Nercrosis on Vancouver Island)
* Lice infestations
* Escapement problems

So why harp on this?
Because I would venture to guess that at least part of this is driven by avarice, and the people involved in these operations dont give a Rat's backside about what is happening to the enviroment.
And if I can get 1 more person to realize, and stop buying farm raised fish, that will hit them (The Farmers) in the pocketbook, and help prod them into fixing some of the "ongoing"problems of what......say,
the last 20 years? Give or take....


11-30-2003, 04:59 PM
Right on, DH. Farm-raised salmon sounded like a good idea at first, but wouldn't touch the stuff with a ten-foot pole now. Glad to see the article in the Oregonian, painful though its content is.

I wonder if there have been any moves to pressure the big stores--Fred Meyer in the NW--to stop selling the stuff. Anyway, thanks for the post.