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02-20-2001, 10:44 AM
My wife & I had planned to take a trip to FLA & I intended to do some fishing on the Central East Coast, specifically The Indian River Lagoon System. However, after some logistical difficulties, we decide to go to Mexico.

The second week in March, we will be staying at a resort in Puerto Morelos, which is half way between Cancun & Playa Del Carmen. This is Not a fishing trip, but I have arranged for one full day of fishing & maybe squeezing in a little solo fishing. For the one full day of fishing I hooked up with another Gringo who will be down there the same week. His name is Bill Fleming & he posts on some the boards, but I've never met him. He's been going to the Yucatan for several years & knows his way around better well. He has arranged a Guided day of fishing with Clancy McClaren, who is reputed as one of the top guides in the area. The area we will be fishing is Boca Paila; this is a little North of Punta Allen (the area written about in the article "Gringos with Fly Rods" on Jeff's Board). The advantage of Boca Paila is that it shortens the drive time & avoids some very bad roads! "Boca" (for those not familiar with Spanish) means mouth, so we will be at the North entrance of Ascension Bay. The target species will be bonefish & small Tarpon, but Permit & Snook are also possible.

I am looking forward to this trip! I will be bringing my digital camera & probably a disposable. If all goes well, I hope to create a photo journal that may be beneficial to the board.

If anyone has fished this area, please post tips, advice, patterns, technique & whatever else you may think helpful. Also, any general information on tropical fishing/species, because this is going to be my first tropical venture.

Thanks, GregO.

02-20-2001, 01:43 PM
You lucky hombre! I have heard that Boca Paila is a good destination for flats fishing. I've contacted some references in the area and hope to hear from them soon. Any information you gather will help others who follow in your pioneering footsteps. Take lots of pictures!

Research reveals...

a) Isla Blanca, Cancun

Isla Blanca is just a short road transfer from Cancun. Tarpon, snook, permit and bonefish inhabit the flats and lagoons of Isla Blanca. The web lists $375.00/day for 2 anglers on a poled skiff, includes road transfers, tax, license and lunch.

b) Cuzan Bonefish Flats in Ascension Bay, Mexico

Punta Allen is approx 3 hours south of Cancun in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere reserve. It's a fishing village on the north end of Ascension Bay. Again bonefish, permit, tarpon and barracuda are found on the famous Ascension flats. Typical venue is transport by panga to easy wading. Sounds great!

c) Casa Blanca Lodge

Another Ascension destination, big lodge on Punta Pajaros. Sounds like it has all the amenities.

d) Boca Paila

Apparently a ban on local commercial fishing has greatly improved the gamefishing in Boca Paila. I am sure you did a bunch of research already.

Anyway, wish I were going!

02-20-2001, 04:01 PM
Here's a good site to get a feel for the area. Also, I think this is the Lodge that Clancy works out of.

search "bonefish bum"