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: WANTED: Digital8 Camcorder (buy or loan)

11-22-2003, 07:43 PM
I have a stack of treasured 8mm tapes (analog) and would like to borrow a Digital8 camcorder to get them onto my PC.

Only requirements are:

* It plays analog 8mm tapes (i.e., not the Sony TRV250 which doesn't, but the 350 does - not sure about older models, but I suspect many do since that was the big upside of this format) and,
* Has S-VIDEO IN or FIREWIRE out. (Not sure the older ones do or not).

So, if you have one and would be willing to lend it out (or sell it) let's talk, I'm sure we can work out something equitable (buy it from you, make DVD of your tapes, etc.)