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02-16-2001, 09:13 PM
There are two appeals active right now whereby we can write to officials and make our voice heard. One is the steelhead catch and release request to the Washington State F&G. The other is to the Massachusetts state government to urge against allowing the foreign commercial processing ship's mass harvest of forage species on Cape Cod.

By the end of this weekend, I will have completed and sent my appeal to both. I am writing this as a genuine heartfelt plea for others to consider doing the same.

I have recently learned that in the government's eyes, groups like this are classified as "charitable" in the sense of a cause for the common good like education, conservation, etc. - or be considered recreational. Would it be possible to be both? I think we have the recreational part figured out pretty well, but sometimes I wonder if we can act more directly in other such areas.

Just a thought, have a great weekend.


02-17-2001, 07:05 AM
Just a suggestion. Perhaps we could become a chapter of FFF or CCA as a cybergroup. I know that some of the Tu groups are also FFF chapters. The fact that we are on the web is a great new idea for conservation
groups to consider. Speaking for myself, I feel that most of the members would not mind if we were affiliated with on of the environmental groups. Perhaps some of the officers of CCA could comment on this proposal.

02-17-2001, 08:08 AM
Very intriguing idea! I like the way this has occurred on other sites around the web, for instance the way <!--nohttp--><a href="|QUT|The+Wild+Steelhead+Group|QUT|&number=3&DaysPrune=20" target="_blank">Bob Ball's steelhead site</a><!--url--> works with the Wild Steelhead Coalition, or <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Jeff Smith's site</a><!--url-->
works with the local Coastal Conservation Association chapters (CCA - during events.

Other thoughts would include moving to a dot org ourselves, since this is not a for-profit venture. This would involve a little bit more serious tone toward the education, preservation and charitable direction. Although it would require no reduction in the currently high recreational orientation here, it would require a little bit more responsibility in acting toward the "common good".

In fact, the two ideas are not exclusive of each other - a .org can and often does play a big part in well-established charitable organizations like FFF, TU and CCA.

Good food for thought...

02-18-2001, 09:31 PM
Sent my letter to Celluci today. As far as the email form letter, it may be better to encourage individual emails? Opinions?

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