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11-10-2003, 08:56 AM
Talk about here and there and gone again. Albie fishing last week was almost brutally slow. One or two shots per day was the rule, and if you got three chances you were doing something. Some very experienced guides were blanking. Some quite well known. No fault of anybody's. You rolled the dice in the morning and headed whichever way you thought might be good. Sometimes you were right, sometimes not. Saturday it finally got cold again. Wind from the NE. Blowing hard. Fish showed up and there was a good bite of albies, and a good bite of sharks eating albies out of peoples hands. Many people got 5,6 or 8 albies on Saturday. Not a great day in historical terms but really good considering what it's been. Sunday...gone. Today it's cold and breezy again. I'll be out there tomorrow. Ostensibly fishing for specks but if we see any albies we will give them a shot.

11-10-2003, 05:14 PM
'Drove to Harker's Island on 2 Nov...13+ hours of hard driving towing a boat...two other boats in the convoy.
Found the bay side rental and marina...SWEET!!!
Settled in for a week of catching but had to settle for mostly fishing.
Record high air temps, calm winds, and bright sun/clear sky Mon-Wed...water was 70+/- degrees...
Fish stayed well offshore...
"CATCHING" was few and far between...
My favourite Striper fly turned out to be my favourite Albie fly...
Cold front came through on Wednesday night and the NE winds made for extremely difficult conditions Thurs/Fri...
Got even worse on Saturday but because of the temp drops and moderation in water temps, there were fish to be had...
VERY CHALLENGING!...and quite disappointing overall considering.
Departed a day early for the 14 hr ride back to frigid New England.
Can't wait to return next year...Glutton for punishment!

Consolidate resources with a group and a week will run about $600...not too bad and better if the bite is on...timing/luck is everything! :smokin:

11-10-2003, 06:52 PM
Pete, Brendan O'Brien e-mailed me and said he had the same conditions down there... first two days were dead, but the last day was great for them. he went down with Nat and Derrick from First Light Anglers--- another trip for me I had to back out on--- Anyway thay had such a good last day that they got in after dark and were to tired to go to Tom Eberheart's Annual pig roast which is usually attend by Bob Pop, Lefty and Bob Clouser... had I gone ..I would still have gone to the roast even if I had to crawl there.

11-10-2003, 07:01 PM
Today the albies were snapping, from the Cape all the way down the beach to Emerald Isle. If it still happening tomorrow you may want to think about making a run...I'll let you know.