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: What is this place again?

02-04-2001, 09:47 PM
I've given this statement a lot of thought over the last couple days since it's been raised a few times lately. It's good that people feel empowered to question that, how many sites could people feel that degree of involvement? It's a fair question worth answering.

There are really two questions, what is it, and what will it become?

What it is - I think and I think and it always comes out so simple... "a just friggin flyfishing website." Emphasis on "friggin", New Yohkah accent works. It's not a business, there are no dues, there is no fancy organizational structure. It's just a bunch of great people, their stories, their discussion and their lust for high quality fishing experiences. It's whatever you or I are willing to work to make it. I just happened to have been the one with the will and the work in the beginning, and with the help of all it came as far as it has.

Some things are new in 2001. All the new activity with sponsors, fund raising, mission statements, etc this winter has some people puzzled, some are even afflicted with a wee dose of "February post finger syndrome" (myself included). This concern over new programs is understandable, but whether it's 100% necessary is up to you.

Such things can be discussed in this new brainstorming board. For the record I don't like the idea of going behind a curtain. But it's a fair suggestion made by Terry and a number of others (see various posts) and worth a try. We'll see how it goes. If you want to discuss policies with us just ask. If not, the board will be here as it is today.

Anyway -

Here's the reader's digest version.

<i>What is this place?</i>

It's a flyfishing website (full stop)

What's with all this new activity?

1) raffles and donations = cover site costs while letting people win great stuff

2) ads and sponsors = free trips and gear for members who contribute

3) agape' = I have no friggin idea. http://www.flyfishingforum.com/images/flytalk/Wilk.gif" border="0" align="middle"> That ones for you Sully.

4) vision/mission/objective/etc statement = a member suggested exercise, developed by members, and pulled together by Hawkeye (applause). Don't take the mission statement personally unless you like it enough to get the tattoo (great analogy Bob).

Here is the fruit of everyone's labor under Gregg's impressive guidance:

"The Flyfishing Forum is a community of anglers dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience, conservation of the resource, and promotion of friendships and fun around the world. All are welcome, there are no strangers on the water."

It will be on the main page by Tuesday.

Everyone is entitled to a vision for the community as long as they are willing to work to make it reality. Like with anything else in life, the choices are "act on your vision" or else "enjoy the ride". Choose one <img src="http://www.flyfishingforum.com/images/flytalk/Wilk.gif

My deepest gratitude to those who have acted to support the cause for 2001. When all this bull#### is over the fish will come and there will be nothing but reports and arrangements for get-togethers to worry about once again.

I am SO ready!

02-05-2001, 08:23 AM
I remembered this morning about something that happened in my past. As some of you know I play Bluegrass and Celtic music around the Boston area. Well in Boston we have whats called the "Boston Bluegrass Union". They are a dot org that helps promote that form of traditional music. Much more organized too. Well we musicians used to sit around and complain all the time about how the org was being run and their policies. Well someone said one day, why don't you go to the board meetings and get involved. They are open to anyone who wants to get involved and has the enthusiasm. And they always advertised that in the newsletters. I see the parallels. So I've decided to be part of the solution. It's easy to sit by and bitch.