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: Geez Guys (& Gals)...

02-03-2001, 11:26 PM
A guy makes what he believes is an honest post and the hate email comes pouring in.

Let me reiterate from my original post.
"All I know is this, this is a group of guys that I know who love to fish as much as I do and I love to fish with them. Let's keep it that simple."

My post wasn't an attempt to fragment the board nor destroy it. There was quite a bit of thought (initiated by Greg) behind the whole Mission / Vision statement. And I apologize if I belittled his effort or anyone else's in anyway as that was not my intent.

Since my opinions created this much turmoil, I'll do everyone a favor and keep them to myself.

02-04-2001, 12:14 AM
Sully -

For what it's worth I had no problem with your post at all and I've spoken with several folks who also felt that you were just being brutally honest - something "we're used to in fisherman's circles" to quote a member from a phone call today. Not sure how others I didn't talk with felt but I don't feel your opinions caused turmoil, and hope you do not keep them to yourself. They're just opinions. We all have them (you know the joke, haha).

You put it as simply as you could, and it was a question not an accusation. So if I were to answer I would say: having all this "hoopla" going on doesn't need to complicate things for you. You don't need to sing along with all the hymns if you choose not to. We still love to fish, and we love to fish with you - so when there is fishing to be had that's all we'll do (as usual).

I hope you don't mind if I and others get the other stuff taken care of before the fish arrive. Think back for as long as you've known us all - when there is fishing to be had, do we bother with anything else besides that simple need? I am surely a candidate for "worst of the lot" when it comes to getting nothing but fishing accomplished through the active season, at least as far as this site or my honey-do list is concerned!

Hang in there buddy and thanks for your work in making the Stony Brook Clave a success - it really made the winter shorter for a lot of people!