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11-02-2003, 09:17 PM
Today, as a good citizen, I took my '01 Mazda Tribute to the compost site after confirming my trailer lights were working.

After dumping the leaves I couldn't get the vehicle out of 'PARK'. Not good, the attendant indicated that even if I got my vehicle out via AAA, my trailer would likely be trash before I ccould get it out, due to vandalism.

I did figure out that my turn indicators and some other lights were out. Finally by swapping fuses I got the vehicle into a movable topology. It seems that there was some problem on the trailer that ultimately blew the fuses. By swapping the fuses I got it into an "acceptable" topology.

I now have a supply of fuses. There were no spares and the fuse remover didn't work.

I understand that Mazda's lawyers would prefer that a vehicle at the local shopping mall not leave with defective brake lights or whatever, but those of us who want to get off of launching ramps or out of remote sites might have different priorites.

Heads up!!

11-03-2003, 10:11 AM
I saw the exact same thing last Fall at a ramp in RI. There was a Ford Escape (same thing as a Mazda Tribute). The guy had launched his boat, but then he was "stuck" in Park; the lever just would not move. Fortunately the Tide was outgoing so he had quite a bit of time to deal with the situation. If the Tide had been coming he could have had a Much more serious problem.. The other guys trying to launch for Albie madness were also quite ticked off.

I think the best advice one could offer is to ALWAYS disconnect the trailer lights Before dunking. One leaky lense can create a short & blow out who knows what.

I think Ford/Mazda should be contacted about this problem. At least it's not a Pinto!

Final note: I drive a '99' F150!

11-03-2003, 01:31 PM
I'm about to click over 120,000 on a V8 Tundra... I replaced a belt once, other than that oil changes, brakes and tires only. :D

11-03-2003, 01:44 PM
I've owned Toyota pick ups and you could have got another 40 to 50k out of both the tires and the brakes.:devil:

11-03-2003, 01:48 PM
" . . . but then he was "stuck" in Park; the lever just would not move. "

I had a similar problem with my Pontiac Grand Am. The battery died so the car wouldn't start, and then the locking mechanism on the shifter would not release because there was no electric power (it normally releases when you step on the brake pedal). I couldn't put the tranny into neutral so I wasn't even able to push the car!