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: Where's The Reports?

10-31-2003, 02:05 PM
Should I bring my gear down the Cape in addition to work gloves and rakes (no need to answer)? Should my decision process concern itself as to whether I clean gutters first or rake rather than where to fish in the morning? Did striblue get down this week and find fish? Has Penguin been out and about in search of stripers or has he been scraping and painting the gaurd towers at Area 61?

10-31-2003, 02:32 PM
The canal had some action 2 nights ago. Regulars at the ditch claim the Fall run has just started to peak. I would imagine the outer beaches have a fair share of fish running for the Winter grounds. I have not seen anything up in the bays and harbors.

I saw lots of silversides, no peanuts. I was told large sandeels (7"+) made a push into the beach at scusset and the East end of the canal but that could have been last weeks winds.

Do the sandeels migrate, head for deep water???

10-31-2003, 04:01 PM
Had a big boy bring me down in the canal this am. SA 11 wt line now history:( Bringing the squidda tomorrow:D

10-31-2003, 05:01 PM
It seems like yesterday but it was the day before yesterday...or maybe it was Saturday? :confused:
I had a short consult with six small/large adolescent stripes at "Phed's Beach" (just west of the first formidable rock at the semi-point)...Dennis still holds a few aces up her sleeve...
'Almost the top of the flood with lotz'a bait gangs cruiz'n for their lives...It's NOT paranoia when THEY really ARE trying to get YOU!
The next day was a bust...I fear the doodah parade has just about marched past the reviewing stand and by 3 Nov I'll be in Harker's Island testing the waterz, annoying hungry consumers, and trying to find a good low carb/high protein dinner...
More to follow...photos at eleven! :smokin: