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: SPLCA 0wt and Ari Hart Redington DFR for TRADE For BAMBOO

10-27-2003, 08:45 PM
I've been a lurker on this board for months...trying to decide whether bamboo is for me. It is. I cast a Pezon Michel fario Club at a shop in Long Island last weekend and have been weak kneed since.

Here are my two rods available for trade for one bamboo rod...my best rods-

Sage 080-3 SPLCA "0 wt" CenterAxis rod/reel outfit 3/1- in excellent condition. Just used for panfish a few times in my father's backyard...a bit of a crime for a $850 rod/reel. But simply the sweetest light line rod ever made...includes a spare, unused 0wt line

Redington DFR ARI HART 9' 5wt 3/1 in excellent condition. The most beautiful graphite trout rod ever not made by Russ Peak...I know, Redington, you might say...but this has the BEAUTIFUL Ari Hart machined reel seat and is very nice trout rod. Balances wonderfully with a Hart Ari I/II reel. I've always thought that if one gets tired of the rod, they could extract the seat, put it on a presentation-grade bamboo rod and send the rod parts back to Sage/redington for the free repair...$695 new

I figure the Sage is worth just shy of $500 and the Redington somewhere in the $350 range...

So, who has a nice trout rod 8'-8.5' that they might want to trade for one or both...I am really interested in the following

5-6 weight, though I wouldn't be frightened to death of a 6-7 wt...I want an all-around trout rod

Farlows P+M
PARABOLIC RODS around 8' or more

Please let me know if anyone is interested

Very Best

Joe West