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: Swan Song???

10-26-2003, 11:19 PM
I hope it ain't so, but I may make my last trip out on Saturday? any suggestions on where to launch the boat to get into the fun? Juro... are you free? we may need a guide to the Rhodey waters if that's where we head!!! ; ):D Tom D

10-27-2003, 05:48 AM
This being migration time, the best spot is literally "where the fish are today"; which is a little closer to Chesapeake than where they were yesterday. This could be anywhere between summering grounds and wintering grounds - the South Shore, if the harbor explodes on Thursday, would be a good place to hunt for the birds and busting fish. The east end of the ditch around Scusset could be boiling with fish if Manomet goes nuclear on Friday. If the winds blow hard out of the south / southwest, I like my chances on the bayside because the bait gets confused in the channels on the flats and the bass stay for a long time eating them from Scorton to Paines, sometimes beyond. Barnstable, Sesuit are two good ramps.

If the wind is out of the north, I like my chances just following the schools over the Nantucket Sound shoreline from Hardings to Hyannis and beyond (except for time and range issues). It would be good to get an up-to-the-minute report on the activity in that stretch to make sure they are still there. Saquetucket, Stage, Bass River - all good ramps.

Rhody has been thick with birds and bait, pretty sure to find fish going there provided the weather will cooperate. They are probably in the epicenter of the migration at this point. If the wind and weather cooperate, you really can't miss for blues and the bass could erupt at any minute too. I liked Barn Island ramp with Mike the other day, easy shot to the stretch between Napatree point, Watch Hill, and the breachways.

Since the fish could be anywhere, a good spot to try would be Westport MA which is beautiful, secluded, has great ramp facilities, and should be getting all manner of migrating fish passing by. There are usually some late season hardtails in the vicinity but based on lack of sightings recently it's not likely. Big bass and blues are known to frequent the Gooseberry rock rip.

The hardtails seem to have already blown past the region.