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: Two hands on the ocean state shore

10-26-2003, 08:18 AM
Thanks to all who came by yesterday, it was a lot of fun and a good exchange of ideas and knowledge on the topic of spey rods and beach casting rods.

For spey casting, the conditions were horrible in that the coastal winds were strong and right in the face, and the wavelets messed up the anchor. Instead of using standard spey lines a Skagit style line or one of Rio's new Scandinavian lines would have been more appropriate for those conditions than the midlengths I had on them, but I think people did walk away with an introductory understanding of spey casting and several tried it for themselves. I'd have to get used to having to wash off my spey rods and lines after a day on the water, they've only been on rivers until now ;)

The Atlantis two-hander was a little more in tune with the surroundings and conditions and fishing going on. The wind had kicked up some surf and there were big blues and bass in the vicinity. You could relate to what that rod was going to do very easily in the surroundings. It was cast pretty hard the whole time, as were several other rods.

One of the fun highlights was when we broke out the LC-13. It was a little bit of crazy fun on the parking lot to have virtually everyone who tried shoot to over 140 feet.

All in all a nice get together and it was my pleasure to be able to meet old friends and new to try spey rods, try beach casting rods, and enjoy one of fall's nicer days before the season comes to a close.

Special thanks to Peter and Craig from Saltwater Edge (, whose great ideas and resources made this possible. Enjoyed the refreshements very much, thanks SWE!

10-28-2003, 01:13 AM
Good people, good fishing poles and a good time.

Thanks to Juro for the chance to try out these great rods, and thanks to Sean McDermott for the free guide service.