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: Idaho US vs Otago NZ

10-25-2003, 07:07 AM
Hey guys!
I study for a bachelour in Wilderness management at Hedmark University College, Norway. For my third year I plan to go abroad, and my options are the following:
Uni of Otago, South Island, New Zeland, or Uni of Idaho, US.

I`ve heard a lot about South Island,NZ but less about the Idaho area. My teachers highly recommend Idaho because of the subjects they offer, but also because of their good relations with some of the staff...
I want to continue my studies in freshwater ecology and the management of streams/rivers/lakes in a scientific and commercial perspective.

Any advice/perspectives on the matter is welcome.
Any flyfishers from Idaho who want to brag about their home waters? Here is your chance. ;)

10-25-2003, 08:25 PM
Having been/fished in both places you'd love either. You're question was like 'do you prefer Blonds or Brunettes?' (Me it's a Redhead .. but that's another story ..:devil: )

MJC at the 'red shack,' one of our board guys/sponc., can tell you all about Southern Idaho. The folks in NZ can't be beat for just 'you want to give the all a huge hug.'

And the blue eyes on the ladies (something in the gene pool?) will melt you in about 10 seconds flat.