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: RIO Windcutter, Accellerator and Mid Spey

10-23-2003, 12:14 AM
I have several 2002/2003 RIO Speylines with interchangeable TIPS available at very nice prices..........

It are brand new lines, in original boxes, complete with tips, speycasting booklet and Shootinghead wallet.

The only difference with the current model is the lack of a different color of the head and the running line. Also the 2004 model has a sinking tips intermediate compensator and an extra 15' tip.

Several tips can be added aswell extra heavy heads, etc.

Still left are :

Accelarator Spey AWFL 7/8 TIPS
Accelarator Spey AWFL 9/10 TIPS

Windcutter Spey WWF 8/9/10 TIPS

MidSpey WFL 7/8 TIPS
MidSpey WFL 9/10 TIPS

Just contact me ...... to arrange lines.

Cheers, Gerald. :smokin: :smokin: