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: Big waves and Big fish in NJ

10-20-2003, 09:38 AM
Arrived @ Leanardo launch @ 3:30am to meet my friend that has my old 16fter .Headed out to The Bug Light despite of electrical problemo's with the GPS and Running light. ( Used Head lamp as Running light til sun up ). Took a few casts and then moved on to Sandy Hook wich produced nothing and then on to Roamer Shoals. Once again we didnt even mark Bait at either locations. Back to the Hook amidst 50 or so boats that where chunking and jigging the rip for some 40hr Striper Tourney. As the sun peered over the horizon the birds showed on the Eastern side of the Hook as well as the winds. After countless casts we decided there was nothing on the bait. As the morning progressed the winds were becoming a problem. Bob and I made the call to shoot Coney Island and Breezy Point despite the ever increasing winds that were to only be 10-15 out of the West. ( Never trust the weather staitions ). Well despite 2-3's The fishing was A+++++++. Birds so thick you couldnt see through them. BASS BASS BASS all over the surface. All you needed was a 10ft cast to hook up ( so we didnt notice that the wind was 20knts+ ) . Everyone around us seemed to be fishless as they Trolled through the schools.. but us moronic Fly guys in a 16fter braving 3ft waves were tight on almost every cast ( doubles everytime ). The bass soon moved and gave way to 9+lb Blues. After loosing a few flies we switched to light spin gear and had a ball on surface plugs. FANTASTIC!

After the fun started to slow we realized that almost all the boats where gone and that we were in some deep Crapola. A 30 minute run was to take us almost 3hrs in 3-7ft seas!!!!!! Need less to say the bildge worked overtime as we white knuckled it the whole way back. Once in the safety of the shore line we found a Seagull with a Rattle Trap lodged in its nostril and wing. We operated and brought the little guy to the beach to re-coupe ( Our good deed for the day ).

All in all a great day despite the Hazardous ride back.