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: Thinking ahead... decision making

01-22-2001, 01:59 PM
Once Gregg's awesome work with the mission definition is completed we should be thinking about how to make decisions like funding a booth at the Wilmington show, etc. I don't feel comfortable making decisions about spending the forum's money by myself.

Options include voting, steering committee, etc. Something to think about as the mission comes together.

01-22-2001, 02:20 PM
A few questions...please don't take anything personal!
I need to further understand your plans.
How do "we" benefit from a booth at any flyshow?
How much does a booth typically cost?
How many current members onboard?
How many new people signed up at the Marlboro Show?
Doug B.

01-22-2001, 04:35 PM
OK back at my desk...

Doug - no problem at all, I'd be glad to clarify the idea... but keep in mind we're in a thread where I asked for just this kind of clearing house for suggestions and I am not ramrodding anything thru as your questions might imply (or someone might construe).

(I think a lot of this info is in other threads but boards are so inefficient when it comes to knowing backgrounds of things)

You asked how much and why:

- $300 / show (I paid at Marlboro)
- site access at record highs
- new members have signed on each night
- people at the show didn't know about us and took all the cards and most of the second batch
- it helps to define our own goals when we present them to others
- on the internet, mindshare is the most important thing of all and we made some last weekend

Actually, I paid my way in to sell website work to the other businesses and use the opportunity to interest fly anglers to check out the forum while there.

As mentioned in a few other posts (thus emphasizing the inefficiency of bulletin boards) it costs about $300 to split a booth. The benefits aren't just about incremental increase in members (although there have been new members who've signed on each night on show dates). It's also about spreading the word. There was without question an increase in the number of people who became aware of the site both attendees and businesses - and more importantly the concepts and ideals of the site seemed very appealing to them. We raised a good sum of money in the fund raising effort which goes a long in our slim budget.

You came by at a time when there was nothing going on and we talked like two people who have met long ago would. I am not surprised that you would ask that from your perspective, but there are many others who have no doubt about the benefits. I assure you there are HUGE benefits to doing a show beyond your questions...


Additional sponsors who are interested in advertising as a result of our presentation and acquaintances made at the show! (Look for their ads and visit their sites by clicking on the ads often)

Opportunities to partake in world-class fisheries in exchange for promotional considerations at the cost of getting there alone! (wait till you see the first one)

Products that are superior provided for raffles in exchange for advertising! (got one being added to the raffle as soon as I can make time from other priorities)

And other hot outcomes (I will tell you by phone if you really must know) I had not anticipated until I got up and networked a little. Something you only get at the shows, I tried other tricks like email solicitation with little results.

You're not the only one to ask such questions. People have also asked me (via email) "where are the advertisements?". I see the shows as the very best way of bringing friends from the business side of flyfishing into our community while growing it at the same time.

In fact if the Forum funds cover it the helpers will get in free (3 each day)

Doug - email me if you need to hear more.

01-22-2001, 04:45 PM
One more note... and this is not aimed at you Doug, and not to be taken personally...

I felt like we worked our asses off selling raffle tickets to build the club account. It takes a lot of $5 raffle ticket peddling to match the bargain advertisement price of $100 / year we offer to businesses. It takes a lot of phone calls and emails to get one ad that you could get in a few minutes at the show. Ad fees go right into our fun fund. Do the math, as they say.

Plus it's our friends in the biz who come to claves (thanks Randy, Ruben, Ray) will make more lines available for people who write stories sponsor us for events (thanks Rich), build our experimental rods (thanks Smitty), etc. The more friends in the biz the better.

To me it's a no brainer. What do you think?

BTW - in the future I might call or email replies of this nature because the ISP stats indicate a huge number of lurkers many of whom fall into the non-supporter category who don't cut me any slack on other boards. Sad side-effect of any venture, but I'd just as soon not share my strategies in the open if possible.

<b>It's not the members I am hiding my strategy from - it's the lurkers in the 160,000 plus hits we got last week. Call me and I will tell all. I even call some members just to keep them informed... c'mon guys, how about a little faith?</b>

01-22-2001, 08:40 PM

I'm not trying to "rattle your cage"...just trying to get a feel for what your up to. You started the thread with wondering how to fund another first I narrow-mindedly looked at it as you were asking for more money. It's difficult for me to adjust from free fishing boards to paying member boards. I did not intend to imply that you are "ramrodding" anything. I only had and have questions. Just imagine what some lurkers may think! I met you two seasons ago, and had not spoken with you until the show. And I enjoyed the conversation!

You had mentioned earlier that "board $$" did NOT pay for the Marlboro Show...but that you yourself did. I understand's truly a "labor of love" thing.

Hey...I'm just another fisherman who uses the web for info, hopefully giving, as well as taking. Granted, I'm not 100% dedicated to fly fishing only as you are and what your website is about. That's great. I accept that. I'm sure most of the "regulars" understand the benefits that you mentioned. But, I think that I fall somewhere in between the "regulars" and the lurkers". So...instead of wondering, I asked. That's all.

I'm starting to babble...and typed words can get taken the wrong way...and I certainly don't want that. I'll stop for now.

Doug B.

01-22-2001, 09:03 PM
Juro, there is one other way to explain this and it would be to e-mail the Profit and loss statement to the crew at some point in the future... I do not see this as a business but a cost basis determination. The site is free so are the claves except for everybody picking up the cost of The Rip Rider for example. As a group the commarderie is the key, staying at my place in Chatham for the guys that don't want to go back up town or camp to the trips with Bob Pink to meeting up early in the morning or sharing a breakfast... that's the point and if we can improve the site but keep those ideals ,we've got it made. This isn't a country club where you'd had better come up with dues or your out... but one person should not pay for everything and if ads can cover costs and then bring trips to the crew based on some system developed or provide more education from conservation to travel to fishing trips.. Isn't that the point? just my two cents worth. I guess this sounds simple and change does create discomfort, but what we have in common should help us decide objectively and not destroy what has been created... The interest in the mission statement proves the point... I think.

01-22-2001, 09:06 PM
Frankly Doug, it's me that's a little edgey lately with a seemingly endless array of issues coming in from all directions. I only hope I haven't rattled your cage! Hope you can bear with me as I work thru this tough time. Boy I think we could discuss issues ten times as big as these in calm quiet voices while hunting for shadows on the flats this summer. Let's make it a point to do so and we can laugh about all this. I don't plan to be so ambitious with this web stuff when there are days on the water at stake

I really appreciate your generosity to show me a secret spot two seasons ago. I equally appreciate your support during all this hoopla in the off-season. I hope we can get things all buttoned up before spring has sprung.

Oh before I forget I received the information from Quality Fly Fishing shop out on the Olympic Peninsula and will get the info on the streamer fur we discussed to you at the clave or before. If you email me your snail mail address I could probably get it to you before then.

As far as the show discussion goes, as many have pointed out by phone and email I need to enhance communication. I'll be starting a regular email update letter for this purpose.