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: New York, New York.

01-22-2001, 12:40 PM
Hey there,

not too sure how to go about this but...

I am going to be in New York, staying in Manhattan for a week from feb 14th. Is there anybody from New York in town that week? I think I may be going to Vermont for the weekend, a spot of ski-ing to be had [any of you from Vermont?], but I would be interested to meet some of you guys in the flesh if you're up for a coffee or a couple of beers...

What about it?

Also a mate of mine just landed a job in New York (it made a couple heart stopping runs, but he brought it safely to the net), he will be working on a project to measure juvenile fish stocks under brooklyn bridge [how cool is that?!]. The job's based in the Marine science Research Centre ( <a href="" target="_blank"><!--auto--></a><!--auto--> )at SUNY, I told him some one from this forum might be able to give him the low down on the fishing scene. He will be staying in Long Island. Any takers?


01-22-2001, 01:02 PM
Hey Milo,
If you're going to come near Boston drop me a line. Boston is not enroute between NY and Vermont, and there's no fishing in Feb. of course. You would have to go 3-4 hours east and then back off of your route for a coffee. But hey if your willing I'll hook up with ya seeing how I'm coming your way in Sep. (BTW, I met Peter O'Reilly and bought his book, what a man).
Do you like the Irish Trad. music by any chance?


01-23-2001, 03:57 AM
Make sure you drop me your Irish trip details so I can say 'hi' somewhere(or multiple somewheres) along the route. When I get to NY I won't be alone (its the dreaded Feb 14th thing, but it ensures peaceful fishing for the remaing ten months of the year)and doubt i will be able to wrangle permission for an unscheduled furlough.

Peter O is quite a guy alright, he works with me here in the CFB although he is never in the office (always fishing, or at a fishing show, or on his way to go fishing somewhere else). Actually I think he may be in the States next week, is there a big FlyFishing show in NJ?

With regard to trad sessions I know a a few places where the regulars play every night...
Talk to you soon,
PS if you need any angling maps, brochures etc I can send them on... and that goes for all on the forum.