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: Boston Area Flyfishing Show - Report

01-22-2001, 11:19 AM
Here's my perspective of the last three days:

<i>Was supposed to be a web business thing...</i>

As you know I funded that booth with my birthday present. Because I split the booth with Rod Builder's Workshop / Charlie Lemieux for two days and Harry Koons of Nauset Angler for Saturday it ran me $300. That would have been a nice budget for spending on good stuff at the fly show, but I wanted to connect with flyfishing pro's, lodges and shops for my website development business to do less shore guiding trips as time goes on for supplemental income needs (kid in Boston University and two more coming up).

It also provided a loophole where I could keep my promise to my wife not to spend any more from our family budget for the site while promoting the site effectively on the same dollar. I told her the forum was a snowball that we need to push along down the hill last year, and this year she says "the snowball was big enough to roll on it's own".

So my mission was to offer cheap but good web services to fellow flyfishing businesses and make something out of the investment...

<i>Well, that was the theory... but that's boring!</i>

Then I bought three new $40 tables for the show and donated a handheld GPS for the raffle - dOh!

There was no way to talk about web services Friday and all day Saturday with the flood of people and their interest in what we were doing I hardly got out of the booth Friday and Saturday. On Saturday it was non-stop from 8am to 6pm except for the lunch break / business card snipe hunt GregO relieved me for. GregO, Pete, John, Bob, Terry, et. al. - I truly appreciate your help. If I may say so, I think you can now appreciate what a three day duration must feel like! Lesson learned - in the future we need to spread the load out to shift coverage by members if in fact the FORUM decides to buy a booth in the future. This would mean I'd need to prepare a more do-able schpeel, in other words a scripted talk and slide show. Funding shows raises new challenges, I only have one birthday a year and there are many shows around the flyfishing world.

I hope those who saw it would agree that we should consider funding a booth out of our earnings as a club in the future. There is already interest in sharing our booth at Wilmington so we would be talking about half the cost.

<b>We need to appoint a committee to make such decisions.</b>

On Sunday, there was plenty of time to schmooz due to the low attendance because of the storm. Too bad I was so drained from my daughter's hospitalization (she's stable but still there) taking most of the wind out of my sails.

As the end of the show approached, I made a short tour and was fortunate to meet some great people and make some new partnerships that I am confident will more than recoup the investment and move ahead in web services.

The FORUM also gained a lot in terms of exposure, new sponsors, and a new chapter in it's history was written.

Two thumbs up!

01-22-2001, 01:39 PM
Juro, you did do a great job... maybe for Willmington ,and before, you can give me a crash course on the PC and what you want to cover. I would be able to help out better if I were better prepared ... so I will do so if you want at Wilmington. I think we all should have some discussion on funding going forward.