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: Noreaster' chapter showing at the Boston (Marlboro) Fly Show

01-20-2001, 05:03 AM
Well, I now know how the mega booths like Blue Northern Trading Co. felt when they got their humble start many moons ago. When owner Tom Lynch stopped by, I asked him if this was how he got his start

I now know that doing the shows are hard work and being unprepared in any sense is kinda like going mountain climbing without everything you need!

Nonetheless the way we are set up let's you come into the booth, take a load off your feet and put faces to names.

Capt. Charlie Lemieux shared our humble abode and will be back Sunday. Nauset Angler honcho Harry Koons will be da' man today so we can expect a buzz about our booth all day.

I don't know if I would dedicate every birthday gift for this cause but if I we grow our annual funding model big enough to do this next year I would know now what I didn't know then about floorspace, tables, displays, yada yada. Forum business cards ran out the first day!

Ideally we would get big enough to fund a booth at other shows around the reach of our cyber fly club... but we'll take this a step at a time.


Since they blew up the kingdome where do they do the Seattle shows?