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: 10/7 PM/AM Skunked at Quonny

10-10-2003, 09:05 AM
I manager to get out Tuesday night. Hit the surf and found I was late to the party. Big gulls were sitting on the water with others following some fish around near the lights at the Ocean mist. By the time I had my gear on and together everything quited down and the birds left.

Drove over to quonny,. Upon arrival I saw a unusual sight. It looks like everyone did there laundry , showers and baths all at once. The soap suds where a couple inches thick and coated everything on shore leaving the rocks and the beach area looking like it had snowed. The water was cloudy, saw only silversides in the breachway and a couple fish all night. It was also the second time a skunk joined my by the breachway there. Saw dear, fox, and fished with herons all night so at least I had some company.

Tight lines. Greg.