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: Rockin and rollin in Vinyard Sound

10-09-2003, 03:40 PM
Everybody knows the old saw about making lemonade oughta lemons right?
Well, the lemon I got this past weekend came in the form of an evil micro-organism which got inside my body and played cruel tricks on my operating system. One of the effects of these tricks was to make me look like the guy riding in the wheel barrel in the Monty Python skit. You know the one, he tells them "I'm not dead yet!" as they cry "Bring out your dead!"
That's how I looked at work on Monday, and even still on Tuesday it looked like I might get thrown on the pile after all. My co-workers were very sympathetic - from a distance!
So when I recieved a call Tuesday night from my good buddy Mike inviting me to play hooky and take his boat out of Falmouth, just like the guy in the skit, I immediately proclaimed "I feel much better!"
The lemonade part of course coming from the fact that when I called my boss to say I wouldn't be in Wednsday I didn't have to tell any fibs. Hey, it's not my fault if he drew the wrong conclusion!

Off to Green Pond we went! Mike had told me that he checked the marine forecast and it looked "good". I took his word for it. Mistake #1. During the ride down he hands me a print out of the report and I read South West Winds to 25 knots. We're talking Vinyard Sound here folks! SW means a bumpy ride at best in Vinyard sound at any time of year. In October, on a sunny day, a 25 knot SW breeze is likely to present plenty of 30 to 35 knot spikes to make things interesting! [Mike's a North Shore Guy].
As you can imagine, we got our butts kicked! We were rocked, rolled, shaken, slammed, jammed, beaten, soaked and basically abused by the wrath of the Sea all day. It was great! The boat tried several times to throw me like a bar room mechanical bull but somehow I stayed aboard. At one point I was preoccupied by fighting a fish and rocked when I should have rolled and got tossed into my seat so hard that I ripped it out at the deck!

Although we got a late start [mistake #2] and missed the morning action, eventually we found fish. The ubiquitous resident school of stripers at Wackie staged quite an impressive blitz for us inside the channel and we had fun fighting doubles, keeping off the rocks, dodging cabin cruisers and out of the standing waves at the mouth - never a dull moment!
We also picked up a few smallish blues here and there but there was no searching for fish, traveling was just too miserable. I did see two albies landed by guys blind casting in totally dead water where no fish had shown, go figure.

After all our adventures and hair raising escapades, we finally headed in around 4:00 PM. As we motored through the entrance to Green Pond, just as we crossed from tumultuous seas to calm waters, the throttle cable broke on Mike's engine. We were in forward, slow. I shudder to think what would have happened if that cable had broke when we were going balls out skipping across the tops of the waves, or when we were in nuetral, drifting down Wackie channel toward the rocks.:whoa:
As it was, we just calmly aimed the boat at the ramp, cut the motor and drifted in as if we knew just what we were doing. We was lucky!

10-16-2003, 07:37 AM
Sounds like an adventurous day. I suppose if they were all bluebird we wouldn't appreciate bluebirds ;)

Glad you got back safely and it sounds like you got a bunch of fish... we'll look back on these days shortly with a faraway look in the eyes and wait for spring to come.