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: 10/5 Eastern CT and Western RI

10-06-2003, 06:40 PM
Took a ride to the coast yesterday to try to get in on the action. Started at Napatree just before sunrise and walked to the rocks and back. Nothing was happening while I was there, although some bass had been caught out near the rocks prior to my arrival. I checked out Quonny and Weekapaug and found no action there either, so I headed west to Ocean Beach. There were loads of peanuts around and there were sporadic "mini blitzes" that increased in frequency as dusk approached. The fish didn't seem at all interested in my flies with all that bait around and I was getting quite frustrated. I finally did manage to catch one striper ~ 20", but the way they were feeding I should have done much better.

Maybe I have to stop trying to "match the hatch" and show them something different. Next time I find myself in that situation I'll start tossing everything in my fly box. Of course, it's awfully hard to stop casting and change flies with fish breaking everywhere!


10-07-2003, 08:21 AM
Q- Its times like you described that I use a dropper rig with ether two or three flies so the fish can decide what they want. Sometimes the fish will surprise you!. Ron

Dble Haul
10-07-2003, 09:57 AM
I'll throw in my two cents too, because I've fished that same area in the same conditions. I fished flies that were bigger than the prevelant bait, and had a modicum of succuess doing this. The flies seemed to stand out a bit better and the stripers found them. If the bait was 2", I fished a three or four inch fly.

Your mileage may vary, and I am not saying that this is fullproof. If it were, I wouldn't be telling you in a public forum. ;) (j/k)

10-07-2003, 04:24 PM

We must have passed on the road a few times on Sunday!

I headed out to Rhoddy early - but not early enough. I got to Weakapaug just after sunrise - it was worth if for the view. As the light came up, every rock and jetty as far as the eye could see seemed to have an angler in residence. Reports were that the bite was pretty good "earlier" - (o'dark something or other). I headed up to Charlestown and fished the beach for a while.

Saw one boil and a single albacore get airborne about 200 yards off. No one hooking up. High point was an osprey who put in an appearance and crash dived a good sized bunker at the mouth of the breachway. I finished up at Quonny and fished the last of the outgoing from the very end of the channel all the way back to the lot. Not a sign of a fish anywhere. As the wind came up it got pretty cold and felt more like winter than fall.

10-07-2003, 06:54 PM
Good suggestions guys. I hope to have a chance to try them soon! I have tried using droppers a couple times but I have enough trouble keeping a single line from tangling and the droppers only add to my frustration :eyecrazy: .

Adrian, I left RI and headed to CT at around noon. Wish I'd started at Ocean Beach at dawn -- I probably never would have made it to RI! I didn't have any confirmed albie sightings, but at one point something strafed the beach at a high rate of speed (away from me :rolleyes: ). Definitely more like an albie than a bass or blue.