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: Raffles, auctions and memberships

01-14-2001, 11:24 PM
We should all be extremely thankful for the great people we have in this community - I know I am! We have the potential of establishing enough funding to (a) cover server costs and a needed ISP upgrade for 2001 (b) provide rewards programs for participation, like a fly line for the story of the month (c) carry over some operating costs for 2002 to reduce the fund-raising burden next winter, and the big one (d) hold a "free parking" member drawing for a flyfishing trip somewhere unforgettable -or- to get that lifetime rod or reel.

We are a little over 25% of goal at this point, but it's very early yet. We haven't really opened up the raffles, although I have some people who have reserved tickets. We haven't held auctions. Membership drives haven't been initiated yet, although thankfully many have joined already.

I truly appreciate all that people have done over the last several weeks, more than I can express in words really. I'm just going to have to show it in my actions!

We should keep in mind that everything someone donates to this site, they do for the general membership. 100% of the proceeds go toward increasing the fun we can squeeze into a season. Therefore it's really up to all of us to show appreciation to those who contribute.

Very soon I'll be kicking things off officially, but I'll need help. Thanks for everything thus far and I hope I can raise volunteers to ensure that things so smoothly.

Looking forward to a great 2001!